How Does Boost Oxygen Work?

Each 2 liter can of Boost Oxygen has up to 50 shots of 95% oxygen.

You put the canister in to your mouth, press the top button to release, and get a small burst of 95% pure oxygen delivered directly into your body.

To put that 95% number in perspective, our air is primarily made up of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). The remaining 1% is made from trace gases.

After entering our bodies, Boost Oxygen goes directly to the lungs, where it’s absorbed by your body and passes to the cells.

Ultimately, Boost Oxygen works by delivering 500% more oxygen to your lungs than you would typically get from a standard breath of air.


Benefits of Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen can provide a number of powerful benefits to athletes, students, and those in competitive workplaces. Here are some of the suggested benefits of using Boost Oxygen

— Improves Mental Clarity and Focus
— Relieve Tiredness And Fatigue
— Relieve Stress
— Enhance Athletic Performance At The Gym Or When Playing Sports
— Relieve A Hangover
— Improves Natural Sleep Cycle
— Helps Breathing At High Altitudes